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Melissa J. Miller

Experienced Trainer | Handler and Behavior Specialist

I founded Pawzitive Balance Canine LLC at the end of 2017, it has taken five years to become a reality. My services are fully-certified, insured and I collaborate with veterinarians, solving what issues might need medical intervention. I understand dogs on a different level then most and I can help you do it too. In 1994 I returned from a tour overseas with an unruly personal pet Rottie named Axle, I sought out a trainer and she helped us become a better team. Before that tour I worked with my Mentor and Famed Police K-9 trainer Jim Faggiano founder of JAFCO, known for muzzles. that man taught me stuff I still apply to pet dog training every day. A personal hero. He took me and my MWD Rudy to the very top of a K-9 Patrol Dogs limits, we were the Top Military dog team to beat in California way-back when...So as a former K-9 handler and Competitor of K9 sports in the military, I get that dogs needs to be dogs too, not just that obedient sidekick.


When I retired I renewed my love for dogs by volunteering at our local shelter (ACPS)  Behavior department with countless hours volunteering for shelters, rescues and groups, Learned from  Amiee Sadler's Dog's Play for Life Program, watching and understanding behaviors I saw a need for honest balanced training to keep dogs in their homes and out of the shelters whenever possible.  I spent over a year working for one of this cities best trainers before going out on my own. Then later Mentored under an AKC trainer to learn that side of the fence...I am constantly learning how to better help our communities dog caregivers and guardians, this is why I am the best there is in Jacksonville.

I am an Alumni of StarMark's International Academy for Dog Trainers and Behavioral Specialists. I Hold a AA & BA with a concentration in Psychology (Animal |Human Behavior) and Law Enforcement Management (My Former Military Job). I can read people as well as dogs. Yes, I can tell you what you are doing wrong, but on the other side of the coin also what your dog is doing wrong and why. Former Member of Northwest K-9 association, Current Member of United Schutzhund Clubs of America, Where I Compete with my own dogs (I still love competing with a dog as a team).  I understand the " I need to work my dog" but I'm so tired from work concept of time management, I so get it. I also get the "my dog is so wild I can't control it! HELP!"  We all go through bouts of it, I can help, I do, heck more like daily. So I understand the I want my kids to have a dog (teach responsibility and care, ownership), but the dog is wild, I don't have time.


Let me teach you how to deal with the things that matter to you, dog licking dishes in the dishwasher, all that silly gross gets on your nerves stuff. I pride my training style on catering to your lifestyle, the things that drive you crazy. I do custom training in your home, the lessons designed around your needs, not the dogs. I can design a training schedule that works for you and your busy life, creating that harmony you want. I am a Proud member if the International Association of Canine Professionals, as well as an AKC Evaluator

Living with three Belgian Malinios dogs, three Shelter cats and two Oscars I can relate to having harmony with your pets in the home.


Let me help you better understand your dog. Make an appointment today Consults are free within a 25 mile radius, then travel is added but will be deducted from any training package. 

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