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I know you have a million questions about how to properly train your companion. I want to help you get started with a few training essentials. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, or you come up with some questions of your own, please let me know. Making new connections and developing lasting relationships with my clients is a passion of mine.


Place what is this?

April 2021

Place, a term you here from trainers as the fix it solve all answer to so many issues. Well to be honest it is, or can be.

Place is a location you assign your dog to go to stay put while you deal with whatever doggie distraction is going on.

sounds simple right. Not so much. It needs a serious reward history. 

So I want my dog to do this; " doorbell rings it goes to place on auto pilot" 

we can help you do that. Seriously Place is like a kennel with no walls.  

Kids + Jumping Pups = Chaos

April 2021

My Puppy is jumping scratching and biting my kid, MAKE IT STOP!

Here's a secret, if your child, runs, screams and reacts like a bunny chased by a fox, the puppy is going to keep doing what dogs do. think the child is a toy or pray. 

I teach more kids to deal with the dogs in the home then I do parents. Fact. Kids believe it or not Love the dog but fear it and vica versa. to create that balance between them we help kids learn how to work a leash, give proper commands, and work out their own fear. Apply their new skills to their own puppy/ dog, creating harmony between the two. Yep I train kids too!

Updated  Schedule

April 2021

We are Available for:

Private Lessons on your time

Day Training on My time

ART Program 

Service Dog Training

AKC Certifications 

Protection Work

Pack Walks With Kamp K-9 Jax Beach Monthly

Events and Specialty Training With Tandem K-9

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