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Texting and Walking You Dog

The weather is Cooling down, our dogs are frisky, lets go for a walk! Ok grab the dog, phone, poop bags and a light coat. We all know texting and driving is bad; but walking the dog and texting? Not a good idea. here's why.

You will let your dog walk at the end of the leash, which depending on what kind it is your dog now has 6-15 feet of freedom, or truth be told you have less time to react if your dog finds interest in something. Next thing you know you are off balance, dog dragging you to what caught it's eye. You get the picture. Not pretty and could be painful.

Put your phone away please. Enjoy the walk with your dog, UNPLUG! Be diligent and aware of surroundings. Just because your dog is well behaved doesn't mean every dog is, or a jogger cyclist doesn't catch your dogs attention and it wants to chase.

My dogs annoy walkers, joggers and cyclists. why? Because I let them run the fence line, regulars cross the street of walk bikes. You with your dog not under your control, texting with a wild dog, you walk into a fence fight, granted I do have privacy cloth on my fence, but dogs are dogs and the communicate different then we do.

Leave it, Look, and Heel are great commands to keep your walking partner under control. Given before you walk in front of my fence line, golden! my dogs will just follow you on their side. Why, because the conversation what ever it is all that barking says is one way and my dogs give up on that and just keep watch on their perimeter and basically escort you out of view. Honest I watch it every day. I finally started to just people watch, and dog watch.

it's the plugged in folks walking dogs that have the most trouble, the couple walking their reactive dog that crosses the street letting it pull and walk at the end of it's leash walking like its on a mission, my dogs ignore. But they used to walk in front of my fence line. pure insanity for them and their dog.

Do I recall my dogs off the fence, sometimes it depends, agitate my dogs nope. I see you struggling and trying, yes. I see your trying to train (using my fence a training session for you and your dog) nope. I'd be doing the same thing. Good for YOU! Rock on!

See walking your dog and being unplugged you see training opportunities. tons of them. like potty when I say, no marking unless I think its ok. No pulling, walk nice beside me, I'll say when you can sniff the flowers. Leadership. Own it.

If you have trouble walking your dog give us a call our basic obedience lessons include loose leash walking,leadership and control. On your terms, not your dogs. Here to help you understand your relationship with your dog.

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