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About Pawzitive Balance Canine & Me and my Goals

In the age of Cyber Disclosure, Profiles, IGram, Twitter and FaceBook all the rest I can't keep track of, I figured I'd just try and write about me and my dogs. No cute photos, lures to get you to read or sign up, just my background and what my goals are.

My Past Experience or lack of:

In a Navy Long ago...yeah I was a MWD handler 9-10 years of it in a time of hard core yank and crank. They had just started to work with all positive training or a blend of it as I left the program to make rank and further my career. But my first dog Rudy a 90 pound Malinios kicked my ass. I had no local help to start, later a new crew of great handlers and kennel Master showed up. I got involved with Local Police Departments and their Trainer, Jim Faggiano (JAFFCO Muzzles), who turned my world around on learning the behavior of dogs, aka "Learn to read your dog". I competed in K9 Trials, place at some, did not at others I got addicted to competitions.

Around the time I stopped working MWD's I had my own dog a Rotten-Whiler Axel. I took him to a trainer who helped me get his ATTS ( an intense temperament testing certification) at 18 mos. I quit training and dealt with career moves. Axel had more travel points then a dog should. Lived to be 11, before he caught the dog flu, complicated by pancreatic cancer. Devastation! Lonely for a dog I found a Mali- looking shepard mix I tracked from shelter, next shelter, to a rescue to foster home. Doc was amazing. We got him a playmate from our local feed store, thought it was a local breeder, later found out he was a puppy mill dog. Talk about medical and behavior issues...But we loved our Crabbyass Rhodisian Ridgeback anyway. Both passes in 2016-17, a year apart. Bone cancer and Puppy Mill breeding. Doc I had to put down, Rufus My Crabbyass, passed on his own sunning himself by the pool.

So I retired from the Navy in 2011, went back to school for my 2nd BA in Psychology/ animal behavior, got bored and started volunteering at my local shelter with the behavior team 2-3 times a week. Got involved with a local non-profit, went to seminars for Best Friends, did all the FEMA Disaster pets courses, the ASPCA PRO courses, for rescue work. I wanted to save them all! Disillusioned (totally a different Blog).

Game and Thought provoking Changes:

I got a call one day from a local trainer looking for part-time help, kennel support and basic obedience exercise work. Needless to say I was full time and a trainer in no time. I was a sponge; I was learning new things every day, I had been out of the dog working/ training game for what seemed like forever. The Trainer had Titled French Ring Malinios and Working dogs and at the time a solid breeding program. Plus his Pet dog Behavioral programs...I was in heaven.

I got to adopt one of his retired female breeding dogs also earned a puppy from one of his litters. Yeah, if you know working breeds, I was paid well in dogs. I've currently entered a new contract with a Working dog Kennel to train and title one of their puppies...

Tragedy and "MY" Game changer:

Then stupidity struck, I lacerated my pinky flexor tendon. A year and three surgeries later, I got 90% back. But did my soul searching. I wanted to work for myself, talked with my mentor and So I applied to StarMark International Pet Trainer and Behavior Academy, taking my Puppy Faelan with me.

After Graduating I came home, went back to volunteering at my Friends Old Dog Sanctuary (basically the dogs that no one wants because they are old, have medical issues or are just too much for most folks to handle). They are great dogs, spoiled rotten at Her Facility which is also a Boarding and Doggie Daycare/ Pet Sitting Business. So I give her and her clients what ever they need. Those are my dogs too.

About Me and my Style:

I set up my own LLC Pawzitive Balance Canine at the same time. So I have yet to really develop my own client base. However I am selective. Jacksonville has an abundance of Wonderful established Trainers, I'm friends with most of them, (thanks to my Mentor) The ones I would defer a client to anyway.

I am more the person to train the owner to train the dog, since I can take the dogs and have them do what ever I ask with little effort. But getting the dog to do that for it's owner/ pet parent is a different puzzle to solve. That is my favorite puzzle. Understanding the home dynamics, dogs needs and fixing the communication gap and keeping the dog from being rehomed and still giving the humans their desired relationship with their pet.

Am I blunt? Maybe. But I am honest. I'll tell you you are being trained by your dog, or you are sending your dog mixed signals and confusing it.

They are so skilled at getting their needs fulfilled it's mind boggling at times. Overwhelming even. Rules and boundaries are my biggest things with quality mind and body exercise, and nutritional needs. Simple stuff right? Sometimes not so much, other times the answer is right in your face and it's overlooked and takes outside eyes to see the simple fixes.

Fast Forward to me and Now....

So I did a Poll on my Neighborhood app. asking about group classes, and had a few folks interested. A Boston Group was also looking for some group stuff. So I am Developing a Walking, Obedience, Fitness and Clicker Trick weekly class. 1.5 hours long, Meet at a parking lot @ a park, do a walk through, with Obedience skills polished, then a group walk to my residence yard where stations for tricks and such are set up where you spend five minutes shaping/ molding or polishing a trick, developing core muscles used in other skills, and working your dogs brain.

The only restrictions: Dogs must have basic OB skills, all shots up to date. So it's kind of advanced, Sit, loose leash walking down and stay (I don't use Stay, to be honest I find it confusing, I say SIT you sit until I say something to release you or give you a new command) User preference. Oh and Clicker conditioned is a must or a marker like "YES". 6 person minum 12 person max. I like my classes small, to give quality training. You must use a collar and 6 ft leash, Long lead bring to work distance once duration is solid. I'll post this on Facebook too.

Now for you desiring Basic Obedience skills, and leadership skills I need an interest of the same: 6 person Minum and 12 person max. Dogs must be 10 weeks old UTD on shots. Basically we will start with leash control, finding the tools that work for you, move to heeling loose leash walking, sits on stopping, recalls, downs and a few fun tricks to keep the Puppers engaged in you and training. We are gonna keep it fun for both you and your dog!

PLEASE no behavioral issue or Reactive Dogs. If you think your dog might have issues in a group, we need to meet one on one so I can give you focus exercises to later join a class. This is for safety reasons.

like @pawzitive balance Canine on Face Book for updates and subscribe to our blog if you like what you read. I also will be blogging the Puppies Growth and training into a IPO Competitor. Besides sneaking in tips and tricks trainers don't want you to know, or debunking internet training ideas; "Like WTF do I need to know a Quadrant for... "

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