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She's Here!

Puppies, Breeders, and What the Dog is for…

First let me state this; Yes I have “Working Competing Dogs” All come from Incredible breeders, who covet the BEST of Best in their preferred breeds. The litters are planned and most puppies are reserved long before the breeding part takes place. Blood lines are searched, Hips, elbows and eyes of the Dam and Sire are Certified. The Sire holds titles and sometimes the Dam does too. They are titles specific to the Sport, Breed Standards, and even a ton of fun jobs too, like Dock Diving, Agility, Barn Hunting you name it.

A lot of work goes into making sure a blending of genetic material makes a sound litter for the keeping of their breeds standards. These puppies, are named by the kennel they come from, so whatever that dog becomes, it’s the breeders and owners reputation on the line. There is a history that can be tracked. Honest, good breeders are not in it for the money, there is not much to be made considering what goes into the parentage. Time and effort that goes into breeding, care and feeding, exposures, etc. the puppies have for their first eight weeks of life before they meet their new owners.

Back yard breeders, I have nothing to say positive. These folks mixing breeds trying to make the new mini monster with health issues, nothing nice to say. These are the folks that are in it for the money, not caring what they create just how it looks. Not understanding the breeds they are mixing are making uncontrollable monsters with genetic tendencies of the two breeds they mixed. Yes cute, but it just makes me so sad to see them surrendered to the Shelters and Rescues, because a Guardian of the Flock was mixed with a Malinios….that looks like a Jersey Cow…what are they thinking? Enough of my rants.

Joe Carrerio and Me with the Dark one!

So yes, I have a new GSD. Working lines of a World Champion in the Dog Sport World. Ciara von der Dreistigkeit Little Dark One of the Bold. If all goes as planned in 24-30 months she will be the beginning of my Partner's Kennel breeding program Von der Schwarzwald K9, Of the Dark Forest K9. My Job; raise the puppy, make sure life is nothing but grand adventures of fun and excitement. Train her for IPO sports titles, and others if I want to. Her lines are IPO Champion, but if she takes to AKC Scent Work, or Agility Dock Diving all the better.

This is the start of Ciara’s blog, a puppy training blog for a working dog. This is an introduction to what goes into a working Puppy. Taking advantage of every day life as training.

Like her ride on a ATV. It was slow, held her are rode on the back, it was a moving vehicle, loud, and rough riding. She sat upright watching the whole time like it was a normal thing to do. My Malinios when she was a puppy I tried this and she wanted nothing to do with it. All four on the ground following it was more her thing. Not afraid but not happy.

So I’ve raised and owned a Rottie, Shep/mix Rescue, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Malinios, and now a GSD as a trainer, dog handler. As a kid, I had strays I found, a Yellow Lab you name it.

Love all dogs. I really do. I feel sorry for a lot of them. I’m a firm believer in Genetic Tendencies of original breeds. It helps me to understand what it is I’m training to be compatible in its new environment.

I end this intro to Ciara’s Blog with this. If you must have a Purebred Something Dog, PLEASE do breed homework, know what you are going do with it for at least 12 years. Above all else, know your breeder. Visit them, see how they do what they do. Look at dogs with their Kennel names. Go to a Sport Club you are interested in, get to know the people. Heck even volunteer at a breed specific Rescue and get to know the tendencies, behaviors, and drives of that breed in the flesh and blood not just what you read.

I personally Volunteer and am a Board Member of Kamp Kritter. It’s a misfit rescue, those old Dogs, with too much medical needs. Those dogs that were too much dog for owners, those that made it to a shelter and are just not quite adoptable for behavior or medical reasons and need a little TLC and Manners work. Some will live out their lives there, enjoying life. Others if Possible are networked out or adopted. Heck some are networked in, for me to work with. If you are in Jacksonville, looking for a Volunteer job, join us. If you are in need of Community Service hours and have a Skill or two we can use, contact us to see if you are a fit. Firm believers in second Chances. Yes I had to plug in my Rescue.

So all that is my disclaimer, experience (sort of) and my new project. Yes, a puppy is a project. You build it, style it and train it all for a hopeful glorious end result as an adult. Go Team Ciara The Dark One of the Bold!!!!!

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