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Holidays and Dog Greetings

Lets Talk Home Manners. It’s the holidays we have family and friends coming and going. Our dogs are so excited! New faces to lick, bodies to hug and jump on…yeah not fun when I have packages or food in my hands…control your mutt please!

Door Manners. Easy if you are consistent and put in the time. Sit by me is a good start.

Get your roommate/ spouse/ significant other to help.

They knock you put dog in a heel sit next to you and open the door, dog stays calm and in place.

Perfect manners! What? I want to know how to do this! Easy call me and pay me to train you. Just kidding…:)

Leash your dog, heel it to you whenever the doorbell rings, reward. Open the door let guest in, greet all while keeping pup in a heel (that you should know, if not call me). Reward the dog for being good and listening.

We often forget when our dogs are good and forget to tell them. We are keen to say NO! bad-dog. Not so much with the Hey good Job, thank you!! We do the same with our employees or friends point out the bad fast as fuck, exploited even. Good gets ignored because we expect it. So it is never acknowledged. Shame on us.

So practice this: Doorbell rings, call into a heel, open door, greet and reward. Sounds simple... But you’d be surprised if not practiced you forget, dog forgets and the next thing grandma’s fruit cake is on the floor from dogs jumping or a too happy greeting. Not that you wanted the fruit cake, so not the point it could have been the best twice baked potatoes you waited all year for instead of fruit cake. Not Cool.


Heel command

Distraction = doorbell

Work on it and have a happy holiday

Need help call me at Pawzitive Balance Canine, I can help you achieve your goals, and understand what the fuck your dog is telling you, just being blunt. I’m the real deal, I’ll tell you what you might not what to know or hear. Like quit coddling, your just encouraging the behaviors you hate. let me show you how to fix "You" to fix the behaviors that are annoying you.

If you need a trainer to hold your hand and fluff your ego, don’t call me, I’m going to tell you what I see and how to fix it. If you are the source I am going to tell you, be prepared. I’m an Honest trainer / behaviorist, happy as hell you call me to help, but know I’ll call you out on your mistakes as nice as I can to get my point across.

It’s not about Me, not about You, it’s all about your Dog and communication between both you. Period.

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