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Raw vs Kibble What to Feed

Ok just look at the current recalls these days on dog food...treats etc. lawsuits OMG what the hell do I feed my dog? Also check Cost not per bag but per pound! you'll be surprised at the cost difference!

I get asked this a lot. oh your dogs coat is silky, she looks so fit, blah blah blah. Thank you! All if I did not do it before! But here is the truth. Exercise is the muscle mass, cut, is her coat or hormones since she's not yet two and doing that I'm a girl thing still? I got nothing, but it might be her obsession with my pool too. Swimming. What I feed well that is a huge component in the Mix!

What do I feed? Disclosure: I am not sponsored by a brand or anything. So this is what I know, experimented with etc. yep my dogs are my lab rats so to speak. poor babies, not.

Here I go...I do use kibble, Nutro food is my preference. its a high protein food,

Look up dog food Processor companies, Notice it's not just dog food they make. Nestle the candy company is also dog food, yeah let that sink in. Diamond a brand that most shelters use is also Costco brand etc. Do your Homework Folks.

Ok now to the raw, its a slick trick to get it right for your dog and what you do with your dog. let me explain. You are a toad on a couch but eat right, or athlete and eat right, or that in between, that does both, calorie balance is your #1. work around the rest. Yeah lets eat salad 5 times a day...nope not for me, Gimmie MEAT!

Getting there folks but need to explain or your dog will get sick, its an art to be mastered based on your dogs Job. Herding dogs burn all day hard, need to recover and replenish, Sport dogs same but not so much. you need to fuel you fire.

Dog is fire, so we look at whats needed to burn replenish an keep from burning. so yep, need fat, carbs, proteins, as athletes. Even Dog bodies are machines.

Me I'm a what I can afford to do gal! If I kill a Deer or what ever I harvest what I can. Organs = Protein Tons of Iron so we need fat (kibble) or I make sure I have a fat source also added (coconut oil, greek yogurt & honey -local for allergies oh and golden paste for good measure). My girls are spoiled. I have a local meat vendor that makes sure all % is right and sells it. No thinking needed!

So you think Raw is the answer to what is going on with your dog? Yes maybe it is diet; here is why:

Omg you poop 20 times a day! Well my friend that is what your dog is not using. fillers, crap they don't need. If the poop does not turn white in a day or two well yeah it's bad for them. Preservatives and what have you. Just Stop.

Most in the Working Dog community have 3+ dogs and poop patrol sucks. So they feed Raw. Why: well the poop is less and biodegrades faster. that is the plus side to feeding a raw diet. Take the Hint!

For your dog it's that omg let me eat it all now! thank you for the bowl of goodies! it's what they need, burn and use to survive! I'll post later on the forage for food mentality, that helps you train a food driven dog! for now we keep to nutrition aspects.

Here in Florida Win Dixie does not provide Marrow bones or anything, Publix is your better choice. Ask for Beef Hearts, etc. for protein chicken hearts gizzards etc. Win Dixie went to S&E holding so they are now too limited.

My real Choices are local Meat Stores and Game Processors:

Why? They know their Customers wants and needs and

wants. they did the homework and package accordingly. Some day I'll do it myself but for now Geiger meats is my go to. Find your local processor Butcher! Do it! Milk and Honey Farms in Maxville is a main Hunter Processor. Call or ask them to save stuff for you! I have not yet; it's been a busy season for them this year!

Now that said the Local Best of the Best Raw Feeding information in Jax is Salty Paws The Whole Staff is so educated on Commercial raw products, and real raw it's crazy! I trust them 100%. They also do holistic Meds etc Source for CBD Oil...(yep later post also).

So why feed raw diets, dogs like their wild genetic partners are foragers, eat what they kill its in the genes! Why screw with it. coats shine, medical issues go away, behavior subsides (that is a different post, that is all on you as a owner BTW). Short story, my way prego Mailinos, went rabbit hunting before she had Faelan's litter, here at home. Yeah wild bunnies that used to live in the yard. All I found was's in their genes folks, still after how many years of domestication?

So do your dogs a favor give them a marrow bone at least once a week, get it from your Grocery store (not Win- dixie, they don't have them) or if you are inclined google game processors local, and call about raw dog food. Bet you they have ya covered!

BTW; if you can't afford a Raw Diet it's all good again the marrow bone a week is awesome. Hint; hit up your local feed store for their kibble recommendations.

Feed stores deal with dogs and working dogs more then you know. Screw the Pet Box stores folks; Local knows best and will keep you in check! Just Saying!

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