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IF I Donate...Where does it go

Oh hell, I am about to make enemies and not care. Non-Profit, For Profit, totally confusing when they pull your heartstrings for money. Cue sad music...pull heart stings...gptcha!

PFFT Donate local. If it’s a 501c they publish all the funding and where it goes. Paid employee, is a warning sign it’s starting to shift towards For Profit. They can’t survive any other way. It becomes a rob peter to pay Paul method of managing donations. Oh Sally needs surgery and medical support, here is my paypal info to help sally! Well Sally got twice her needed amount, so what do we do with that extra? Lets toss it towards this project…and just say hey thanks for the donations Sally is doing amazing right now, the excess is in the bank just in case. OMG I /need cash here is my GO FUND ME page please help this dog….

Then if Sally needs more well hell post the sorry photo of her. Yeah, no. Why I donate my skills and time, and to a rescue I see where the money goes. I do the vet trips, I drop of crazy samples. I do the time to look at a dog that should get adopted but has a few issues that need to be fixed.

Do You know I’m a $75.00 an hour trainer? Yeah I am. Let me break it down, gas to get to and from, my own insurance policy in case I get bit, or gods forbid I hurt your dog, I have that covered too. An hour of my time…I watch your dog while listening to you tell me what is going on and why you think your dog is acting out. or to your boarding trusted agent...9 out of 10 times, your dog responds well to my demands/ commands, I walk it and it is perfect for me. What is different is my presence, I command obedience to my rules. No if ands or buts. They do not get to try me, nope. Do as I say, that’s it.

So technically my love of dogs and helping is 10-2pm four hours and a donated $300.00 day. I see 0 of it. I do it because its my love, passion and the dogs progress rewards me two fold. When they find a new home OMG that is worth every penny and minute. Plus owners get me on speed dial...

So I ask you look deep into the pockets you donate to. Make sure they are transparent of where you cash goes. Unless you don’t give a shit and just want to write it off this year.

It’s funny, I was asked by a few different rescues to help them. Flattering to me, but I chose to stay with Kamp Kritter, why?

Well Old Dogs are my heart dogs and this is were they get to live out their lives happy as clams in a bed of muck. Tossed away because their owners for whatever reason could not care for them. They are safe, loved, cared for and play to their hearts content daily. Oh and the best medical care allowed. That is my Non-profit. Private donations public grants etc. it’s all public for you to see.

So I ask you do you know what your donations to your auto pay donations go to? Do you get tagged about the dog that caught your eye in the first place that needed help? Updates etc? Kamp Kritter does that. Every penny you donate to Kamp Kritter for whatever you get notified hey thanks we bought this it makes the dogs happy here is a photo/ video. Do you get that personal touch from where you send you money now? If so good on them, bad on you if you don’t. do your homework and make sure your not paying for a yacht or a summer home.

In the end I ask you to check on where your hard earned cash is going, Donate local and make sure your non-profit is truly that.

PSA: all dogs Shown are available for adoption Contact Kamp Kritter for info, bonus you adopt a dog from Kamp Kritter you get me for free 3 lessons to let your dog adjust to it;s new home.

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